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Annual Giving

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Support our students in the Miller Creek School District! With your help we can ensure vital enrichment programs and Miller Creek counseling services are sustained for all students at all four schools.

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Can Do! Education Foundation provides the Miller Creek School District direct funding for elementary enrichment programs that state funding does not cover including, but not limited to Art, Physical Education and Social Emotional Learning. 

The annual Family Giving Campaign generates almost 80% of the funding distributed to the Miller Creek School District in order to sustain these vital programs. In order to achieve this goal, we ask a contribution of $600 per student.  These vital programs and services are ONLY available as a result of the support and generosity of our parent community.

Every child benefits, we need every family to participate! 

Thank you for your generous support!

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Miller creek middle school 
General Donation

Can Do! Education Foundation provides funding for critical counseling services and many student opportunities at Miller Creek Middle School that allow students to explore and develop their interests beyond the classroom.

Miller Creek programming funded by Can Do! includes: 

  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Sport Programs & Clubs (cross country, volleyball, basketball, track & field & intramural sports)
  • Performing arts (orchestra, jazz band & ensemble, art & drama and the annual school play). 
  • Honor Society, Student Council, YES, Mathletes, Geography Bee, Speech & Debate.  

  • Garden Program available for all students.

  • Technology is integrated in ALL classrooms 

To ensure these programs are available to ALL students we ask that you invest in our middle school programming by making a donation to the Family Giving Campaign.

Thank you for your generous support!