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Elementary Schools

Supporting Can Do! - Here's what your generous donation funded for the 2019-2020 school year.

MusicTK-2 Music

Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do! Can Do! provides funds to the elementary schools so our young students start learning about music from kindergarten through second grade.  Music instruction includes voice, movement and percussion instruments.  Music from around the world and from many cultures is explored and enjoyed.

evironmentEnvironmental Science

A garden for kids and by the kids!  With the help of committed parents and teachers from Next Generation, our students will receive hands on science lessons bringing learning alive in our elementary gardens.  Connections to health and nutrition education will be supported and students will play an active role in the management of the garden.


Adorable self-portraits, vivid still-lifes and playful animals are just a few of the artisitic wonders created by our children in the three elementary schools.  Can Do! supports art so all students have a hands-on experience with trained specialists.  They enjoy an opportunity for artistic expression in a variety of media.

Social emotional LearningSocial Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning will be present in all elementary schools this year in an effort to increase the social emotional foundation for all students.  This program along with the Lifeskills program and the Code of Conduct form the foundation of the social emotional program at each elementary site.