The Family Giving Campaign


Can Do! bridges the gap between state funding and monies necessary to provide current educational programming.


The Family Giving Campaign is our largest fundraiser of the school year, raising 80% of the funds needed to pay for valuable programs at our four schools.   

In the 2019-2020 school year Can Do! will fund over $700,000 in valued programs, specialists and services! 

​Art, TK-2 Music, PE, social emotional learning programs and  environmental science lessons in our school gardens are funded for ALL children in our elementary schools. 

Athletics, creative and performing arts, instructional technology, counseling services, plus academic clubs, teams and special interest communities affect the Miller Creek experiences of every student, directly and indirectly. 

In all classrooms, instructional technology plays an important role in 21st century learning with the use of Chromebooks and iPads

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The organization shall be nonpartisan in political matters and does not endorsed any individuals running for office at the local, state, or federal levels.  


Can Do! will, however, support, both in endorsement and financially, legislative measures (as the Board deems necessary and advisable) that seek to improve and/or support the needs of the students attending our schools.

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