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2022-23 Family Giving Campaign Donors!

* Not all donors' names are listed as some prefer to remain anonymous.

Anonymous (89)
Aaron and Elizabeth Kurlan
Abby and Rick Spaelti
Adam Compton and Arwen Brown
Adrian Diaconu
Adriann Farrell and Jeremy Kanarek
Alexander Evens and Alyssa Epstein
Ali and Chris Daglow
Amanda, Todd, Ryder and Olive Levy
Amy and Arnaud Poirier
Amy Rosenthal and Craig Albers
Angela and Django Heckler
Beth and Yancy Hawkins
Armen and Courtnee Filian
Brian and Linda Wilbur
Brian and Karen Winter
Bruce Muir
Charles and Liza Ocat
Chia O'Keefe and Dalila Donati
Chris and Maria Brill
Christine Pang
Claudia and Noel Barajas
Connor Dinday
Cynda Vyas (in honor of Carlene Searway)
Cynthia and Augustin Vergara
Dan Hegwer
Daniel and Tracey Cowan
Deepak and Roshni
Donnalei and George Sumner
Du and Brooks Nguyen
Elaine and Chris Esler
Erin and John Baker
Erin and Brendan McNamara
Geeta Durhamz
Gina and Kieran Daly
Gray Dougherty and Martha Youman
Greg Yu and Jennifer Ishii-Yu
Heather Mandell and Ben Liu
Henry Erickson
Ian Fein and Jessica Rhodes
Jaime and Eric Dreikosen
James and Janyll Birmingham
Jason and Veronica Yee
Jeff and Julie Russell
Jeff and Loring Weidner
Jennifer Miu
Jenny McNulty
Jerry and Brooke Miller
Jessica Trenary
Jonathan Eldridge and Rima DasGupta
Jonathan and Janai Sassini
John and Laurie Lauster
John and Laura Maloney
Jonathan Eldridge and Rima DasGupta
Judy & Jon Campo
Julie Hodel
Katie McDonnell and Martin Muguruza
Kelly and Simon Phipps
Ken Daigle and JD Schramm
Kerry and Sacha Lien
Kirsten and Scott Meadows
Kurt & Sindhu Wessels
Lance Karnan
Leah and Ted Curran
Leah Green
Leeor and Alison Morris
Leigh and Bob Steffy
Lilianna and Anthony Parker
Lindsey Kirk and Jeremy Summer
Lisa and Zach Schwartz
Liz and Eric Bridges
Liz McCarthy
Liza Magley
Lorin and Scott Sylvia
Maria Elena Ramirez
Mariana and Eric Nadler
Marilyn and Valentino Jaeger Ballon
Mary Sackett and Shawn Hartje
Matt and Jamie Foley
Meagan & Niles Moore
Megan and John Hutchinson
Melissa Miller
Melissa Rosenstein and David Benin
Michael and Valentina Fiore
Monica and Jeremy Levin
Mygam Silveira
Neeraj Poojary and Hitha Amin
Nicole Janson and Joe Weisshaar

Noelle & Mick Italiano
Oisin Hoctor
Pamela Sattergren
Patrick and Avery Whitmarch
Paula Ockner
Paul and Karen McConville
Paul and Kacie Schilling
Rhett and Jennifer Hillary
Robert and Michelle Harrow
Robin Allen
Robin and Diego Norris
Ruiqing Zhang and Xiaoyu Riyue
Scott Hodes
Shirley Fischer
Sweeti Shah
Talia Korenbrot and Doug Benerofe
Terrie Burns (in honor of Carlene Searway)
Tni and David Newhoff
Tracy Benning and Debra Wadford
The Alves Family
The Barash Family
The Bellows Family

The Bingham Family
The Biondi-Sexton Family
The Brown Family
The Buell Family
The Burgon Family
The Bussi Family
The Callahan Family
The Callahan Family
The Carmichael Family
The Conn Family
The Croak Family
The Curtis Family 
The Dance Family
The Daniele Family
The DeGennaro Family
The Del Campo Family
The Dettor Family
The Dow Family
The Erlingsson Family
The Feist Family
The Fong Family
The Freeborn Family
The Friesen Family
The Fuette Family
The Gendreau Family
The Gillmer/Rigsby Family
The Graham Family
The Guttilla Family
The Gyulai Family
The Hanna Family
The Hodes Family
The Hricak Family
The Hwang Family
The Imbimbo Family
The Jaeger Family
The Jones Family
The Katoff Family
The Kelsey Family
The Kingsleys
The Ko Family
The Koppenhaver Family
The Laffers
The Lin Family
The Ma-Trinh Family
The Matsubara Family
The Mattiuzzo Family
The Mize Family
The Neely Saboori Family
The Newman Family
The Nix/Hieger Family
The O’Bryan Family
The Offenbach Family
The Ormsby Family
The Pasternak Family
The Purvis Family
The Regelean Family
The Richhi Family
The Rulli Family
The Samson Family
The Santamaria Pineda Family
The Shaw Family
The Shipley Family
The Stadtner Family
The Stein Family
The Sumner Family
The Terada Family
The Truett Family
The Vassiliou-Lang Family

The Vilà-Castro-García Family
The Voisen Family
The Walsh Family
The Wan Family
The Whiteman Family
The Willard Family
The Williard Family
The Yenshaw Family
The Zoog Family